The Sweaters You Need To Transition to Spring

Bring on the Sunshine and Warmer Weather!

We’ve finally made it to daylight savings and the sun will be shining a little longer during the day. Can I get a hallelulah? And despite the fact that as I write this, there’s still snow on the ground, I’m choosing to stay positive and focus on packing up my winter clothes for the year, getting my spring clothes out, and adding a few new additions for the upcoming seasons.

Since I live in New England and the weather here is so unpredictable, cardigans and lightweight transition sweaters are a must. These are also wardrobe must -haves for just about anywhere where cool breezes move in once the sun goes down. Check out my newest fave picks below! They’re all linked for you so you can go check them out directly on their websites!

Red Dress Boutique

All super soft and machine washable! Perfect for that weather when it’s not quite bone chilling out, but not warm enough to throw on your favorite short sleeve tops! My favorite picks are meant to have a slightly oversized fit so they can be thrown on over something you’re already wearing for those cool spring nights.



You can’t go wrong when it comes to affordable sweaters from H&M. They even have eco conscious options like the first cardigan I linked below! Loving the soft pastels and neutral color options they have and the the price point is spot on! (hello $12.99!).


American Eagle

American Eagle has become my go- to for closet staples no matter what the season lately. They didn’t disappoint when I checked them out for spring transitional pieces that would be comfortable, affordable, and versatile (and machine washable. This girl ain’t got time for dry clean only right now!)


What are your favorite stores to shop at for transitional spring sweaters? Let us know below in the comments!



Check Out This Jord Watch Giveaway!

Enter My New Giveaway with Jord

I am so excited to share my newest favorite accessory of 2019 with you from Jord AND offer you a chance to win $100 towards your very own watch! With the new year here, it’s a time for fresh starts and connections, new adventures, and I have the pleasure of working with my new friends at Jord to bring you this amazing and very timely giveaway! I want to pass on their generosity to you by holding a contest for one lucky person to win a $100 gift code to be used on the Jord website!


A Timepiece as Unique as You

So what sets Jord apart from other watch brands in the industry? Simple. Besides being the top selling premium wood watch in the world, the brand has set out on a mission to be more than just a watch on your wrist helping you to keep time. Their mission is “to create timepieces for people that have somewhere to go, not just somewhere to be.” Think about that for a minute. They get it. They don’t just see you as another customer. They see you as someone living your life, someone with dreams and purpose unique to you, and they strive to emulate that in every watch they make. How cool is that?

The Sky is the Limit When it Comes to Jord

When you check out their website, you’ll find that their offerings go beyond wood watches. They offer cedar humidor watch boxes, free engraving services on select styles, apple watch bands, and they now have a line of caps! They use top of the line materials for ALL Jord watches, from Sapphire glass to over 12 different types of wood used for their versatile timepieces. Watches may be also sized to fit like it was made just for you. Talk about personal service! I have never owned a more comfortable and adaptable watch in my life. My new Jord watch can be dressed up or down so whether I’m spending a day outside or in the office, I’m always reaching for my new Frankie timepiece with its beautiful emerald face and dark sandalwood band. 

It’s super easy to enter and bonus! If you don’t win, you automatically get 10% off gift code for the Jord website just for entering  🙂
Just click HERE to enter and BEST OF LUCK!


Top 8 Fashion Picks For 2018

Happy New Year’s to all of you! We did it! We crushed another year and it’s that time again to start fresh with 365 opportunities to make all of your wildest dreams come true! Time to share my third and final “Top 8 of 2018” with all of you! If you missed my last post, no problem! Just head over to my HEALTH and WELLNESS tab to check it out  😎  Ok, no more delays, here are my Top 8 FASHION picks for 2018. All 8 are always in consistent rotation for me. If I had to describe my picks, I’d use words like dependable, practical, versatile, comfortable. When you are physically ill like me day in and day out, characteristics like these are so important when it comes to your wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t fashionable or universal. Who doesn’t want to be comfortable AND fashionable if given the opportunity? These pieces give you just that friends. They work for EVERYONE and have a place in all closets. The are super affordable, and the best part? The are on MEGA sale right now because of the holidays and New Years, so stock up if you can like I am right now! (you can thank me later  😉 )

Top 8 Fashion Picks of 2018


1.)  Bella + Canvas Side Slit Tank

Bella Canvas specializes in great basics including short and long sleeve tees, tanks, and sweatshirts. When I stumbled upon this tank on Amazon it was like the skies had parted for me, no exaggeration. I own about 20 of these tank tops and for good reason. It has just the right amount of drape around your mid section area, so no need to worry about those days when you’re feeling bloated, the sides have subtle venting slits for when you’re running ‘hot during summer days or for whatever else gets your blood boiling  😉 The material content washes well and prevents excessive shrinking and it comes in multiple colors! They’ve become my go-to for layering under sweaters, cardigans, stand alone tanks during the summer, workout tanks, and tanks for bed.

Side note: I own the style I linked in this post plus the other following styles if you’re interested in checking these out! *flowy racerback, slouchy tank,  v-neck jersey tank.

2.) J.Crew V Neck soft yarn sweater

In the winter, my skin is extra sensitive due to dry air and harsh weather. I find it very difficult to find sweaters that don’t cause further irritation and overall discomfort for me. When it comes to the nerve damage that I suffer with, I often deal with something called ‘overactive nerves. This means that the signals between my brain and nerve endings are mis-communicated causing amplified senses from touch (like material on skin etc.) When a rough crunchy wool sleeve rubs up against my arm, it can feel like sand paper. This is where J.Crew’s soft yarn v-neck sweater comes to the rescue! I don’t know how they did it, but they took merino wool, made it super soft to the touch, gave it a relaxed cut around the torso area (with a slightly slimmer sleeve so you don’t look like you’re wearing a potato bag), and voila! you’re ready for winter! Did I mention you can put these in your washing machine on the hand wash cycle with COLD water?

3.) Madewell blanket scarf

I live for blanket scarves as soon as the temperatures cool down. What’s not to love? Two of my favorite words smashed together to describe an accessory. Madewell makes the most beautiful blanket scarves every fall and I swoon over them every year. They’re  super soft to the touch, they’re durable enough to survive me throwing them in the backseat of my car for easy access all season, and they literally can be used as a blanket when your office feels like the arctic abyss. I am on board for anything that makes wearing blankets in public socially acceptable.

4.) American Eagle Plush Hometown Sweatshirt

If I could wear sweatshirts everyday I would. If I died and came back as a piece of clothing, I’d want to come back as a sweatshirt, Whoever invented the sweatshirt should be honored with their own museum… In all seriousness, 2018 was the year where sweatshirts really became utilized a lot more on a daily basis and became a wardrobe staple. I really couldn’t be happier. American Eagle is one of the brands that really embraced the sweatshirt, updating their cuts, adding embellishments, and  even including feminine trims to their designs and I loved them all. This plush hometown sweatshirt was one of my favorites because of the slimmer cut (but not too slim to be uncomfortable) the longer length, and the thin soft material that comes in lots of colors.

5.) J.Crew Toothpick Jeans 9 inch Rise

When you find a pair of jeans you love, stock up! J.Crew added 9 and 10 inch rises to their line up about 2 years ago and I am loyal to the 9 inch rise like its my job. The toothpick jean is my sweet spot when it comes to leg length (comes in tall, classic, and petite…I can pull off classic) the leg opening doesn’t cut off the circulation to my legs, and my favorite pair linked here has just the right amount of stretch in them (2% spandex) so they keep their shape throughout the day (but I don’t have to do squats in the morning to get them on  😉 ).

6.) Loft Eyelet Cuff Top

Loft will always be one of my favorite brands for tops when I need to go to a business meeting or to dinner. Their sizing is more consistent than most brands so I know what to try when ordering, and the cut of their tops is always tasteful and classy. This eyelet cuff top has just the right amount of detailing on the cuff for my taste and keeps it versatile enough to dress up or down depending on the event or function you need to wear it to!

7.) American Eagle Waffle Cardigan

Back to American Eagle! I am all about the slouchy cardigans this year and this soft cardigan is no exception. The rich hues that American Eagle chose to use for this waffle cardigan are timeless and won’t go out of style anytime soon. The material isn’t too stuffy and I know I will be able to use this in the fall and on cool spring days as well. Unlike other cardigans from American Eagle, I did find myself ordering a size large in this particular style (I’m usually a medium in AE cardigans) so something to keep in mind if you decide to try this beauty out!

8.) Zella Live in Leggings

Zella leggings have been a wardrobe staple of mine for years and 2018 was no exception. I only really wear 2 brands of leggings (Lululemon and Zella) and I chose to highlight Zella here because I wear them outside of the gym unlike my Lululemon leggings. These are so versatile I wear them to work with tunics and oversized cardigans and riding boots guys! And they wash so well as long as you wash them on a gentle cycle in cool water. You can also find Zella leggings on sale throughout the year (like right now!!) And they feel like butter on your skin and they’re not constricting… nothing you wear should ever be constricting, especially something like leggings! I’ve never had to worry about whether my Zella leggings were see-through and you should either as long as you are ordering the correct size. And they come in so many styles and colors to choose from!

My 2018 picks will continue to be my top loves as we move into 2019 and I can’t wait to hunt for new finds to share with you over the next 12 months! Do you have a ‘tried and true” wardrobe find you just can’t live without? I’d love to hear from you!



The Sick Girl’s Guide to Dressing Stylish Yet Comfy


Time to be real with you for a hot minute: I’d rather sit around my house doing nothing than go out wearing something uncomfortable (I’m guessing if given the chance, most of you would say the same). I’m currently trying to juggle a life of being chronically ill and being an adult that actively contributes to society. I know I’m not the only one performing such a stressful circus act every day.  Lets face it, we are all under pressure to be our best selves under  own unique circumstances. Why would we want to wear something that makes us want to crawl out of our skin while do it? As we get older, the concept of self-care becomes an important aspect in everyday life. What we wear ties directly into self-care and we find ourselves being more mindful of what we grab every morning before taking on the day, whether you’re heading to the office, taking the kids to school, or heading back to bed because you’re feeling unwell. If you’ve found yourself in a fashion rut lately or torn between style and comfort, I’m sharing my own personal TOP TIPS  when stocking your closet, plus my favorite fashion finds that will have you feeling like a your best self next time you get ready to face your day!


*Quick note before we get into my top tips: I worked in the clothing retail industry briefly after I graduated college. I learned two important points while working behind the scenes:

A.) the markup on clothes is over 40% so there’s plenty of room for discounts

B.) retail stores are constantly trying to keep your attention on their merchandise so they’ve evolved way past offering 4 lines of clothing for the 4 seasons of weather. They usually transition new lines of clothing every 4-6 weeks, meaning they are constantly rotating clothing and holding different sales. Something could be on sale today, full price tomorrow, back on sale by the end of the week at 30-50% off. Bottom line? If you like something but it’s full price, don’t be scared off! Keep an eye on it and watch for sales. Observe sale patterns of a certain store so you can hit the lowest price possible and do not be afraid to ask for price adjustments. You work hard for your money, you deserve to get you money’s worth whenever you purchase something! 


1.) Go spend some time in your closet and bag up all the clothes you deem “uncomfortable”: I am dead serious. Go check out your inventory to see what you’ve got to work with. Anything that’s not comfortable, put it in a bag and get it out of your sight (please don’t throw it away. Just go put it somewhere safe, but out of sight. We’re not purging like there’s no tomorrow here). This step is meant to zone in on what you’ll actually wear every day. When you’re looking at a closet full of uncomfortable clothes, the feeling can be overwhelming and counterproductive. We don’t want counterproductive!

The Sick Girl's Guide to Dressing Stylish yet Comfortable/ Pick Neutrals when dressing stylish yet comfortable


2.) When purchasing new clothing items, go with comfortable neutrals. The more neutrals you have in your wardrobe, the easier it is to pair items together (especially when you’re half asleep). DISCLAIMER: This step is not meant to dilute your uniqueness or sense of self. This is only a tip to help make getting ready easier for those who would rather get a root canal than figure out what to wear for a family function, dinner date, or work meeting. Have no fear! There are other steps listed to ensure your personality will shine through in your fashion choices, I promise!

3.) Practice “easy on, easy off” as your new mantra. I purchased one pair of jeans last year with exposed buttons and ended up returning them a week later… Unbuttoning them to try them on and then buttoning them back up hurt the joints in my fingers. I couldn’t imagine having to do that all day long just to go to the bathroom… Screw the hooks and loops and extra buttons and zippers if possible. If you can’t pull it on in under 5-10 seconds, you’re not going to wear it.

Click to Shop!

  1   /   2   /   3

4.) Pick pieces to be your “work uniform” and be done with it. There’s a reason Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs wore the same thing to work everyday. They don’t want to worry about trivial things! Take the worry out of your day too, whether it’s work or something else you do routinely, identify pieces you can wear regularly and comfortably and make them your “uniform”.

5.) Buy clothing that is machine washable. I made this promise to myself a few years back when I tried to convince myself that merino sweaters labeled “dry clean only” could be washed on delicate cycle and laid flat to dry. No matter how delicate you wash something and how much time you spend laying it out to dry, it will never be as perfect as it was on the first day you wore it. Save yourself the time and hassle (and trips to the dry cleaners) and go with machine washable.

6.) Wash everything with cold water and dry them on low temps. This helps to maintain the integrity of your fabrics for as long as possible and it also helps prevent colors from fading and bleeding onto other each other. If you buy something because you thought it was comfortable to wear, you’re going to want it to come out of the washer/dryer feeling the same way (and not like a piece of 220 grit sandpaper). 

The Sick Girl's Guide to Dressing Stylish Yet Comfortable/ Liven Up your wardrobe with accessories

7.) Choose one or two (or 3) signature colors or patterns for accessories to help liven up your outfits. This is where you can add detail to your outfit and accessorize to make sure the real “you” shines through for the World to see. Some accessories don’t play nice with some people and I am well aware of that since I struggle with some myself (my skin reacts to certain metals, swelling makes it difficult for me to wear certain jewelry). Play around with nail polishes, headbands, and hats! I’m a sucker for a good hat, especially on days I’m not able to wash or style my hair.

8.) Do not worry about wearing heels to formal events. This is not mandatory, nor should you feel obligated to put your feet through hell just to show up to a function (or worse, to show up to work!). If you feel the need to own a pair of heels, go for the classic black heel that can take you from weddings to funerals with the snap of a finger and choose a rounded or almond toe box over a pointed toe box whenever possible. Anything 2 inches or less will be much more forgiving to your feet, trust me the difference between a 2 inch heel and a 3 inch heel is night and day.


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1   /   2  /   3   /   4

9.) When looking for new denim, pay attention to the fabric content. One of the side effects from my nerve damage is the malfunction of the nerves I still have that aren’t damaged. The tiny nerve endings responsible for your sense of touch sometimes become overactive and the slightest friction from any type of material sends them into overdrive. If the material causing the friction is thick and rough, forget about it. Most days, I barely make it through my front door after work, before ripping my pants and socks off to find relief. That may be TMI, but it’s the truth and I aim to keep it real here. I’ve found over the years that the best denim content has been anything that contains 98% cotton and 2% elastane. The cotton allows my skin to breathe, but the key is the elastane. It allows the material to stretch and move with me and it gives the cotton a more softened feel (especially if they have to be lined dried after a quick 15 minutes in the dryer on low). 

I’ve also found some amazing pairs of black denim that have passed for tailored pairs of black dress pants, minus the inevitable wrinkling that always happens with dress pants and the rough feeling of “dress pant” material. 

10.) The updated sweatshirt is the MVP of all clothing items when it comes to dressing stylish, yet comfortable. Heck yes! It’s appropriate to wear a sweatshirt wherever you want! When major fashion labels FINALLY started making fashionable sweatshirts, it was like the stars had aligned and the angels from heaven were rejoicing…O.K. not quite but pretty dang close! Nothing says “comfort” more than your favorite sweatshirt, freshly cleaned just waiting for you to throw it over your head and wear it proudly like a coat of arms. But that sweatshirt wasn’t exactly your first choice when everyone else was dressing up for that yearly family get together. What do you reach for when you need to dress up but you’re not exactly feeling you’re best? This is where your MVP gets tagged into the game.  Now you can find sweatshirts that have been given an updated and more tailored cut, some have embellishments or lace detailing. Some are even embroidered or textured with different materials. Check out my favorite picks below!

The Sick Girl's Guide to Dressing Stylish yet Comfortable on           The Sick Girl's Guide to Dressing Stylish yet Comfortable on             The Sick Girl's Guide to Dressing Stylish yet Comfortable on

11.) If you find something you really like, buy multiples! especially if it’s on sale! We buy thousands of items in bulk every day and there are stores dedicated to the art of shopping in bulk (I see you Costco and BJ’s). I don’t mean buy 15 of the same shirt, but if you find a piece you really connect with and you love the price tag, why not buy it in different colors? I practice this all the time and I don’t regret it one bit! Sometimes, I’ll even buy the same exact item more than once just in case I stain it or it gets discontinued (what can I say, I like to be prepared). Below are some of my latest favorites, linked in case you want to check them out yourself! 

The Sick Girl's Guide to Dressing Stylish yet Comfortable on                       The Sick Girl's Guide to Dressing Stylish yet Comfortable on                    The Sick Girl's Guide to Dressing Stylish yet Comfortable on

Like anything else in life, these tips are not meant to be followed word for word. They’ve worked for me at different points in my life, some together and at times I’ve relied on a lot of them to get my sick self out of the house. This doesn’t mean I don’t purchase unique pieces of clothing nor does it mean that I automatically pass on purchasing something I instantly fall in love with simply because it’s a bright color or because it has a crazy pattern. These tips are meant to be a base for the “everything else” you do. At the end of the day, you know YOU best and please always do what’s best for you. But if your wardrobe is holding you back from getting out and exploring everything that the World has to offer, take control of that closet, find your uniform, and when in doubt, just remember: People these days are wearing sweatpants out to the bars and nightclubs and calling them joggers! 

What are some recommendation you have for dressing stylish yet comfortable? I’d love to hear from you!




Magnificent mules and flats for fall

This past Friday, I dragged my tired behind to Target after work to check out their Halloween costume selection. One my way to back of the store, I passed the shoe aisles and the prettiest pairs of mules caught my eye. I know what you’re already thinking; “Beth, we already knew that Target had pretty great shoes for reasonable prices..blah blah blah”. O.K fair point. I did not. Some could argue I had to have been living under a rock the past few years. Nope, just dumping my hard-earned cash on more expensive pairs of shoes that look like the identical twin (or a second cousin) to the offerings at my local Target!

I cannot be the only one new to the shoe aisles at Target, so for others out there hiding among the bull’s eye aficionados, this one’s for you (as for the rest of lovelies killing it at life, consider this a refresher on the styles that should go home with you during your next shopping trip).

Lets get after it!

Why wear mules? Simple! They are easy to wear, stylish, and oh so comfortable (something that those with a chronic illness and those who are healthy can both appreciate!) The mule style has been around since the 1800’s so its pretty safe to say that this type of shoe is not a trend that will go away any time soon. It’s a shoe you can wear during any season, depending on your comfort level and they’re appropriate for the office and for play. They come in a variety of heel heights, shapes, and sizes and range from minimalist to any type of embellishment you can think of! Here’s a few examples of my favorite mules at Target this fall:

A New Day Holland Lavender Velvet Mules       A New Day Natalee Bow Backless Mules      Velma Slip On Pointy Toe Mules        A New Day Hal Ruffle Mules

From left to right:

1.) A New Day Lavender Bow mule, A New Day Natalee Bow Mule, A New Day Velma Pointy Toe Mule, A New Day Hal Ruffle Mule

I’m a true 7.5 with a normal width foot, relatively flat arch and all fit true to size (The Hal Ruffle mule is currently out of stock but expected to be available by the end of the month). They are all priced under $25 so click on the pictures above to check each style out before they sell out!

Why wear flats? Flats have really come a long way the past few years. I always find myself migrating back to the classic ballet flat and my tried and true ballet flat brand is Tieks, but at that price point, I don’t even wear them when driving due to fear of nicking the leather. That’s where Target comes in! I found so many different styles of flats, I didn’t know how to choose which ones to try first! Here’s a few examples of what’s on top this season at Target:

Universal Thread Wenda Cut out Bootie       A New Day Rebecca Two Piece Ballet Flat       Women's Micah Pointy Toe Loafer         A New Day Nicka Sling Back Ballet Flat

From left to right:

1.) Universal Threads Wenda Cut out Bootie 2.) A New Day Rebecca Pointed 2 Piece Ballet Flat 3.) A New Day Micah Pointy Toe Loafer   4.) A New Day Nicka Sling Back Ballet Flat

I found that the shoes above all ran about a half-size larger than normal (A size 7 fit best and I am a true 7.5). They all are priced under $35 and all of the photos are linked if you want to check them out!

With their versatility, Mules and flats can be used to transition those mini skirts into the cooler season now that fall is officially here. My personal favorite is to pair them with a great skinny or cropped denim. I’ve even ventured out of my comfort zone and pulled some dresses out of my closet to wear: Magnificent Mules and Flats for Fall Magnificent Mules and Flats for Fall Magnificent Mules and Flats for Fall

The comfort and versatility of the mule and the flat absolutely can’t be beat. The closed toe shoe is office appropriate and can transition from work to play in a snap. Depending on the brand and style, the level of comfort can even rival your favorite pair of cozy slippers! Each pair I purchased from Target did not disappoint when it comes to comfort and I’m excited to shows these beauties off all season long!

Have you owned mules before? How do you like to style your favorite mules and/or flats? I would love to hear some style inspiration from you!



Are Tieks Worth the Hype? My Honest Review

If there’s one thing I know a lot about, its shoes. Well, let me clarify, I know a lot about comfy shoes. Ladies, if you want to know what kind of shoes to buy for work, for your workout, to run errands in, to lounge around in, that will be comfortable from sun up to sundown, you have come to the right place. 

When I was younger (and a little more into what I looked like rather than what I felt like) I put my feet through sheer hell. If a shoe was a high size too small or had a 6 inch heel, but was the “it” shoe to have for a particular season, I was stuffing my poor foot in it and dragging my sorry ass around town, rain or shine, during a heat wave or a blizzard (gotta love New England weather). I look back sometimes and wonder why women put themselves through such crap for a pair of shoes, but then I find myself scouring the stores and spending late nights on the internet looking for comfortable (yet fashionable) shoes to wear out, and I get it. Sometimes, it’s really damn difficult to find the right balance between pretty and comfortable these days when it comes to what we put on our feet.


Enter Tieks, the self-proclaimed “ballet flats reinvented”.  Their website claims  it takes 3 days and over 150 steps to make each pair of Tieks. They are handcrafted from the finest Italian leathers and textiles (for those looking for a non-leather option). and they come with a price tag to match (starting at $175 per pair). 


Their distinguishing characteristic is the rich, ” Tiek blue” split sole found on every pair. This pop of color is more than just a fashion forward move on Tiek’s part, the split sole construction allows for traction, flexibility, and better overall durability of the shoe (so many brownie points for Tieks on this.) I’ve danced for over 18 years (competitively for about 15 years) and every single pair of dance shoes I owned had a split sole (jazz, tap, ballet) why more companies don’t incorporate this concept into their designs, I have no idea! Split soles give the wearer more movement and control in a shoe and more ability and movement of their own foot. This means more circulation to your extremities, resulting in less swelling and happier tootsies!

The shoe also boasts a midsole that is specially treated to withstand the constant folding and unfolding that a pair of Tieks is designed for. These beauties also come with a folded tote and a pouch so you can kick your heels off and slip into these whenever you need relief from your designer Jimmy Choo’s ( or Nine West’s from the sale rack at TJ Maxx because girl, at the end of the day, it’s all bout how you rock a shoe that makes it fierce). 

When I ordered my first pair of Tieks, I went with a size 7 (big mistake). I’m usually a 7-7.5 and Tieks only come in whole sizes. I would recommend going up a half-size if you need to. The great thing about the company is that they will send you a second pair to compare to your original pair, at no additional cost, as long as you send one back within 2 weeks… so helpful when you are purchasing shoes that are more expensive than your weekly grocery bill, am I right? Size 8 ended up being the magic number for me and I proceeded to spend a week breaking them in around my house, being careful to keep the soles clean (once you go outside and get those soles dirty, you own them). I was pleasantly surprised at how well they molded to my feet and how little they made my feet sweat! I was prepared to buy liners, no shoe socks, all the gadgets and gizmos, foot powders and refreshers out on the market to make sure I kept my investment as clean as possible, but I ended up not having to because the buttery leather got along with my feet so well! 

For someone who has suffered with being uncomfortable in just about any pair of shoes, I just about shed a tear or two when I found Tieks. Even when my feet did swell from being on them all day at work, the shoe gently cradled my weary and achy bones and helped absorbed the pressure and stress from the day with every step I took. 

Ladies, try these shoes if you can. You won’t be disappointed. I get it, it’s hard to wrap your head around a price tag of $175 for ballet flats, but they are a quality shoe that has literally changed the way I think about shoes. These ballet flats will carry you through weekend errands, class up any work outfit, they even pass the test for evening wear if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t wear heels (I’ve been there a few times already due to my health). The downside? The never really go on sale, there are no promo codes for them (trust me I’ve spent sleepless nights scouring the internet for them), so you will need to fork over some cash to add these to your closet. But they are worthy of space next on your shelves and you will find yourself reaching for them over and over once you get them home.

Have you ever tried Tieks? Share your experience below! If not, what’s your favorite shoe to grab from your closet?